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Why Marijuana Dispensaries Don't Work.
Posted on May 15th, 2018
You might think legalized marijuana is THE dream come true. Think back to your fantasies as a teenager of a world where you don't need to sneak around, making sure you don’t come home smelling like a burnt skunk. Don’t want mom and dad to ground you! But, hope is on the horizon for us all right? With many states here in the U.S. legalizing pot, you’d think we’re all in the clear, right? Wrong.

There are dispensaries everywhere if you're in a legalized state. You can go in, browse, test, and ask questions before you buy your favorite strain of your favorite mistress (Mary Jane of course). But there is one problem…

Checking in to those dispensaries is a pain in the a-… butt. (Should keep this PG). I remember the first time I had the pleasure of going to a dispensary. Validating your identification, filling out the form, oh and some of them had rewards, which was awesome. There was just one BIG inconvenience that made me wonder, isn’t there an easier way? 

I filled out everything for the first dispensary I went to. I even got on their rewards program! But, the thing is, when I went to check out a DIFFERENT dispensary, I had to do the same process! On top of that, my reward points from dispensary A couldn’t be redeemed over at dispensary B. 

So, I verified my identification again, filled out another sheet, signed all the B.S. and finally, was able to get the pot I wanted and signed up for ANOTHER rewards program.

All of this just seemed like too much to me. All I want is a way to quickly get in and out of any dispensary. I want a system without all the hassel and waiting. Is that too much to ask?

Well, I saw some hope! One day I was at a new dispensary (ya I know, I got really excited about visiting new dispensaries. It pays off though, you’ll see!). At this dispensary, they had a cool system (called RX-Pass from NextRX) that allowed me to check in on my phone which was really quick. It also allowed me to get checked in quickly at A BUNCH of dispensaries around me and the reward points I gained from buying pot could be redeemed at any of the dispensaries that had the system. MY DREAM. This brought me hope about the medical & recreational marijuana industry. It seems like soon, we’re going to be able to easily buy pot and get rewarded for it - say hello to a MilesHi club. 

Oh, and I wrote this article because I wanted to bring to your attention that the NextRX system that I was talking about just launched a crowdfunding campaign and I feel it’s so Important to the cannabis industry that I should plug it here. I actually go some free rewards points by contributing! 

Anyway, even though the marijuana industry is growing, we still have a long way to go from the utopian society we all dream of. But it is companies like NextRX and others (if any) that strive to make it a much more pleasant and rewarding experience!

-Guest Post By Taylor Rivas For The NextRX Inc.
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